What Every Girl Needs...

I just wanted to share with you a fun experience I had with a bunch of girls from our young adult bible study/book study group!  Last Saturday night, we decided to split up the group - guys/girls - and each have our own bonding evening together.  The guys all met at one house, had pizza, and played highly competitive games till late into the night.

The girls, on the other hand, met at a different house and enjoyed a wonderful spa night together!  We started the evening with a fresh salad that was recommended for a spa evening, some white chicken chili 'n chips, cheese 'n crackers, and topped it off with a glass of wine.  We started the evening with exfoliating our faces, by applying a face mask and letting it thoroughly dry, then we washed our faces and cherished the soft fresh feel of our cheeks! :)  Next we go busy with soaking our feet and taking turns giving each other foot massages with salt scrub, lotion, and completing it with painted toes.  After we had fully pampered each other, we finished off the night with a documentary called "Not Without My Daughter".

Here are a few pics to share of our wonderful evening!

Can't wait to do this again soon girls!!


  1. That was so fun! I didn't realize that you posted about it on your blog. By the way, I loved looking at your pics of your renovations and can't wait to see it in person....


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