A "Contemporary" Dream Home

I have been waiting in anticipation to share this special project with you! I had the privilege, this summer, of working with the Yeates Family in their new home. A very contemporary home! It is the kind of home that you see in a magazine and think "What a gorgeous house! It looks so perfect and almost unrealistic." Everything is linear, squared off, clean lines in the designs and decorations. I wish I had better pictures of the front of the house and other areas, but I only have a few pictures from the photographer. I absolutely fell in LOVE with this house! Some day....maybe I will be able to create a fun home of my own, starting from scratch and building it the way I (including Andrew of course) would want it! I am just so geeked about this house!! Contemporary is my kind of flare, not that I can't love other styles as well, but I think this is by far my favorite! Each style has its place and I do love each one in the right setting, when it gets used properly.

Check out the carpet in the living room scene. It is Shaw style Fresh N Fabulous color Mocha Froth. It is a two tone square pattern that is raised on one side of the square and indented on the other side, giving a 3D appearance.

Abstract stained glass in the front door.

I abosolutely LOVE this kitchen! Glass mosaics by the stove, wood floors, fun pendants, and cool dining table & chairs.

Check out this cute little breakfast nook! The Yeates have young kids, so I can imagine this gets used quite a bit! :)
The carpet we put into the rest of the house (2nd floor, including Master Suite) is a very linear carpet by Mohawk style Modern Edge color Light Sable.
Hope you enjoyed this little overview! Someday, I will try to visit and get a better set of pictures.

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