Comedy in the Bible...

How often is it that we think we need comedy in our churches today to gain people's attention or bring more people into the church? Tonight Dr. David Murray totally threw that theology right out the window! Comedy is the last thing that is necessary in true biblical church preaching. Using II Corinthians 5:11a "Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men..." as his text, Dr. Murray proceeded to explain in detail as to the reasons, giving biblical examples, why comedy is not meant in a church setting.

Do you see Moses, Jesus, or Paul cracking jokes while speaking to the people? Not at all, but a seriousness about the unsaved souls at hand. Makes me think of how we even are to witness to others. Knowing how serious of a task it is and the responsibility I have in leading the person in the right direction, puts a whole different view on witnessing to others. Humor in and of itself is not wrong! Laughing is a great medicine and relaxes the tense nerves. The issue comes when humor is mixed in conjunction with the Bible; for this reason pastors and others who are witnessing, must maintain self-control in refraining from allowing humor to mix in with scripture. The phrase that struck me, by Dr. Murray was, "Who can stand in front of the cross and crack jokes?" If the gospel is all about Christ's death on the cross for our sins... how is that a funny matter or something that can be taken lightly? Something to really think about... The world around us is using comedy to fill the empty void which we as Christians must lead as examples and can fill with seriousness about the gospel. God promises to bless it with His Holy Spirit.

There are those who will try to argue for the use of comedy saying, "I am a funny person by nature..." or "It works..." or "I'm following others..." or "I can draw the line..." but all these statements are simply excuses and do not follow what God has shown in the Bible. This is the area where the Christian Church has to be "counter cultural." I know I will make this a definite prayer of mine that I am an example to others as someone who is "counter cultural" and through it, leading others to seek the truth. What a serious thought!

If you would like to listen to the full sermon by Dr. David Murray, click here.

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