Master Bedroom Closet Door

We have a 10 foot wide closet in out Master bedroom, but the door was only 6 feet wide.  It was always challenging to try and see what was beyond the opening into the dark corners and reach for some clothes.  We finally were able to cut open the wall a bit wider and make our clothes a little bit more accessible!

Our next problem was that there were no standard closet doors in any of the home centers for an 8 foot opening. So, soon we were having to order a custom door.  We decided to go with sliders because they were easy to open and close and didn't take up any additional opening room.

Here is the work in progress and the final outcome!

Widening the opening on both sides of the existing doorway

It was a messy job!

Avery had to get right in there and help daddy out!

...and the new doors!
They are so much nicer to open and close!  And so glad to be able to reach all of my clothes now!

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