A Flooded City

It was a beautiful day this past Monday and so we decided to bring dinner along and head downtown Grand Rapids for the evening.  We had heard about the flooding going on downtown and along other parts of the river, so we wanted to get first hand viewing of this record breaking event.  Due to the limited amount of time we had, we were not able to see everything, but here are a few pictures of what we did see.

Water over the sidewalks along the river
 Stairway leading into the river (used to be leading to a walkway along the river)
 You can see another stairway lost in the water on the other side
 the river almost touching the bottom of the bridge

 Standing in a similar spot where we had our wedding pictures taken
 You can see the water is halfway (or 3/4 of the way) up the bottom row of windows 
More wedding pictures were taken in this 'valley' which is now a little inlet 
 No boats are going to be able to pass under this bridge either
 Here is a closer view of the water against this building
 the Fish Ladder - or what used to be a fish ladder - don't think the fish need it this spring
an almost level dam - I think the fish will have no problem jumping this one
  standing at the fish ladder lookout point

 the concrete pad in front of the fish ladder is at least 8 feet below where we are standing
 A washed out sidewalk across from the fish ladder (Sixth Street Park)

 looking at the dam from the Sixth Street Park
A Beautiful Sunset 

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  1. Thanks Cherise! Can't believe Avery is one!! Oh my! I still remember when you were planning your wedding :) I'm getting old Cherise loll


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