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WOW!! All I can say is the information that I received at a Better Way Imports Party was sad and overwhelming!  I will just give you a few snippets of info that was given and you can find the rest on their website: www.betterwayimports.com

Human trafficking is now the 2nd most profitable criminal activity in the world.  Men, women, and children are sold everyday.
  • 27 Million people are slaves
  • 70% if them are in the commercial sexual exploitation industry
  • One million women and children are sold into the sex trade every year.  800,000 are trafficked to other countries.  400,000 are under the age of 18.
  • The average age of a prostitute is 12
  • Every minute 2 children are sexually exploited for money
  • The sex industry grosses %57 billion annually
  • Michigan is the 13th worst state in the USA for commercial sexual exploitation of minors.  Michigan is ranked number 3 for registered sex offenders.
  • The most common deaths among sexually exploited people are murder, suicide, drug overdose, and HIV/AIDS.

What is Better Way Imports trying to do about this?
Better way is selling products that are made by girls who were rescued from the sex trafficking industry.  Here is a list of the different areas around the world that Better Way Imports is getting their supplies from.
  • Radiant Hope: Based in a safe house located in an undisclosed city in the Middle East, Radiant Hope is transforming lives every day.  The women who have found this hope sit together in a circle crafting beautiful jewelry.  They share their pain, their joys, and their healing.
  • Freeset: Located in the largest red light district in Kolkata (formally Calcutta), Freeset is transforming a whole neighborhood.  Women make bags and t-shirts, receive a fair wage, benefits, and education.  Once illiterate they now are educated, helping them break the generational cycle of forced prostitution.
  • Sari Bari: Also located in India, Sari Bari makes beautiful scarves, totes, and blankets.  Using recycled saris, the ladies patch up the worn places and, while stitching by hand, they restore the material to its original beauty.
  • Hagar Designs: In Cambodia, where human trafficking is especially prevalent, Hagar Designs is transforming lives.  The ladies make lovely silk purses and bags made from recycled rice bags.
  • Abba House: Rustic, simple, and attractive, Abba House jewelry is also transforming.  Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are made and sold in order to rehabilitate women and children living in the after effects of sex trafficking in Thailand.
  • Artisan's Lane: Women rescued from the sex trade in Turkey make these whimsical and unique cards for all occasions.  A traditional Turkish needle point technique is used to adorn these cards.
  • International Princess Project: Beautiful, trendy pajama pants are offered by this restorative company.  They are available in a variety of materials and sizes.

What can we do to help stop this?
  • Pray!
  • Host an Awareness Event and Sale in your home, church, school, place of business, etc.
  • Become a Freedom Fighter
  • Learn More!  Read books, watch documentaries, check out websites, etc

Check out their website and see what it is all about.  Not everything that is shared in a small group setting is available to be published on their website, so it is definitely worth going to an event to just even hear about that is going on and educate yourself about it.  I myself new somewhat that 3rd world countries do some of this, but it was a definite eye opener to me when I learned about everything that is going on right here in Michigan and especially in Grand Rapids!  It is very, very scary!

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