Applesauce and Salsa

Several days over the last few weeks I have been busy making applesauce from apples picked in my grandparents backyard.  Now, I have several quart canning jars full and lined up on the shelf!  Feels good to have that task accomplished and knowing we will be able to enjoy it for a while.

Next, my garden tomatoes started all turning red at the same time!  I had to come up with a few different recipes that I could use them up with.  I turned one batch into salsa, another into spaghetti sauce, and another into soup.  Any more ideas?  All have tasted great so far and with more still on the plants turning red, I know I can easily make more of what I have already listed.  

Thinking of maybe making my garden a little bigger next year - but have not yet decided what I want to add to it.  This year was tomatoes and beets.  I might add green beans and peppers. 

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  1. I'd love to have some of your tomato recipes! I have the same problem over here.....


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