And she is walking! (video is working)

Wow! Times sure does fly by!  Sorry, I didn't realize that it has been two months since my last post.  What have we been doing, you might ask? Well, spending lots of time outside working in the garden, painting the front door, staining the fence, going for walks, practicing standing up on our own, and this week practicing walking on our own.  The last couple items has Avery quite proud.  You should see the big grin on her face when she accomplishes these.  It is amazing how little kids just pick up on things and start doing it themselves and being determined about it.  We have not pushed her to walk and suddenly this week she insists on trying to stand and walk on her own.  She also doesn't want to be held as much anymore, but instead wants to be heading off in one direction or another.  I am afraid that as soon as she walks more steadily one her own, she will soon be running and this momma is going to be getting her exercise chasing after her. I already do, by trying to keep after her crawling!

Well, here is a video of her accomplishment this week.

Take care!

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