.2.8....yup, that's me!

I turned 28 this past Tuesday and here is what transpired that day....

I woke that morning with the worst sore throat ever and the beginning stages of what seems to be evolving into a nasty cold! ~Sigh~

On a more positive note: Andrew came home from work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. See for yourself! :)

Also, we went out for a relaxing dinner at Arnies Family Restaurant for a nice home style cooked meal

...and then he told me that we were going to find a salon that was still open for the evening so I could get a pedicure! That is exactly what we did. We found one that was open till 8pm! Andrew sat in the massage chair next to me (as they weren't very busy) and got a back massage while he waited for them to finish massaging my legs and feet. I told him to pay close attention to the girl so he can do the same at home! :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Cherise! Andrew sounds like duite the romantic ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! That was fun :) and we're the same age...well mine is in Nov!


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