Camping July 1-6, 2011

Andrew and I really enjoyed a few days away for vacation this past weekend.  We drove up to Silver Lake, MI (which is about an hour and a half north of our house) to camp in a tent and enjoy the sunshine.  We had the best weather while we were there, so you won't hear any complaints from me! :)

Just a few highlights of the area... the main attraction are the large sand dunes of sand that has been blown in from Lake Michigan.  The Dunes are divided up into three sections.  The north section - where the ORVs (Off Road Vehicles) are able to drive up and down the dunes - must be a 4x4 or a specific dune buggy, or quad, or dirt bike.  The middle section - which is where pedestrians can climb the dunes, it is also attached to the Silver Lake on the interior for swimming and Lake Michigan on the other side, where you can climb for hours to get to.  The south section - reserved for the tourist dune ride tour where you learn the history of the dunes.

The dunes change every day, depending on the weather.  There were a couple days of strong wind while we were there.  Every day the sand is being blown more and more inland, covering some cottages that are nearby and causing Silver Lake itself to slowly shrink.  You can learn more about the area {HERE}.

It would be a great place to go again sometime, even with others!  Any takers???

Here are a few pictures from our time there.

A View of the Dunes
 Silver Lake
 ORVs driving over the hills
 ORV line up to get into the park
 Small pedestrian viewing area close to the track
(a.k.a. Andrew's favorite spot to sit and where we sat for fireworks as it was the highest hill and best view)
 Most dirt bikes did jumps on the hills as well as the real dune buggies
 On the other side of Silver Lake with the dunes in the background
 Paddle boating around the lake for an hour
 Line up of ORVs set up to watch the fireworks from the top of the hill
 The hill behind us
 The view in front of us - also toward the direction where they would shoot off the fireworkds
 The sun beginning to set on us all as we patiently wait for the fireworks
 Another view of the hill behind us, as more ORVs filled the hill
 The beautiful Sunset!

 The fireworks lighting up the dunes with every flash
 Little Sable Point Lighthouse
 You can climb to the top!
After climbing the dunes several days in a row, we took all 125 spiral steps slowly.
 View to the North
 View to the South
 View through the iron railing

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  1. soo cool!! u guys look great and i miss posts like this :) i like the menu posts too. well ttyl friend!!


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