Winter Traveling

I know many who absolutely hate winter traveling, but there are those who are willing to brave the weather.  Andrew and I traveled to Ontario this past weekend to see his family for Christmas.  We were supposed to drive home on Sunday evening, but when we saw what was being predicted for an oncoming storm, we decided to leave earlier to try to avoid as much of the storm as possible.  Driving on the Canadian side was pretty decent, but once we crossed the border into Michigan we started hitting heavier snow.  We carefully passed 19 cars that were either already in the ditch, spinning out in front of us, or off to the side for a fender bender.  At certain points along the way, the wind was blowing the snow quite hard, making it harder to see, but not quite a total white out yet!  As the day progressed, we understood that the weather would be getting increasingly worse, especially on the Canadian side, so we were glad we didn't have to experience any of it.

Here are a couple links of those who did, including a family from our church who tried to head back to Grand Rapids early Monday morning.

from the National Post

from the Detroit News

We thank God that we were spared from this weather, and that He spared the family from our church who were taken to a hotel to spend the night.



  1. So glad you made if home safely! It was nice to see you...thanks for making the trip. Hope we'll see you again soon.

  2. Thanks Laurie! It was great to see all of you again as well!


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