A Pleasant Surprise!

You know those moments in life when you just want to go..."Awwwwww...!" and maybe shed a few tears of joy mixed with love? Well, I had one of those moments today and yes, a few tears were shed as well. My wonderful fiance' sent me an absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers at work today as a complete surprise to me! His little note to me was even more special! There was no special event or reason, simply 'Just Because' which to him was a good enough reason to send me flowers! I am just fine with that! He can do that any day! :)

There are so many different kinds of gorgeous flowers that I tried to take a few close up pictures so you can see the flowers better.

So, there you have it! The way every guy should be! I have had many compliments on it all day from different customers. When they hear that it was from my fiance' they all put on a big smile and tell me that I must have a good guy, that he is willing to send me flowers 'Just Because!' I am sure you all know what I would say to that one..."He is absolutely WONDERFUL!" :) I am allowed to brag about him right?


  1. awwww. how sweet. i gotta say, those are gorgeous!

  2. Awww :) I think bragging about our men is a good thing-especially after you're married and it's easier to take them for granted. Enjoy your beautiful bouquet!


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